Whispers on the Internet

Internet is a very vast world which offers a lot of opportunities for everything and everyone under the sun. A lot of websites and apps are getting created everyday which offer services that cater to the growing number of interests of humans. And one of those interests is being able to say or be anything in an anonymous […]

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Whenever I visit the Victoria’s Secret/Pink shop, it’s always because my older sister needs to buy something from there and I’m just accompanying her. I’ve never purchased any underwear from this famous lingerie shop. In fact, the only thing I ever bought there was a two-piece clutch for my sister. Until today. Two visits ago with my mom and […]

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Hello everybody!

For years I’ve been wanting to have my own blog site to sharpen my writing skills, and finally, I have decided to create one here on WordPress. The last time I used to regularly write was back in high school for our school publication, and that was almost a decade ago so I really need […]

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The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist is about Santiago and his rollercoaster journey to follow his dream. In this book, Coelho uses concepts of magic, love, and religion and/or spirituality to narrate Santiago’s story, making it a best-selling international novel loved, accepted and critically acclaimed worldwide. Coelho’s choice for the book title speaks in itself of what […]

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