For the love of a better smile

Today I had a doctor’s appointment that lasted for about two and a half hours. And guess what it’s for? Dental braces installation. Ugh.

I arrived 15 minutes earlier than my scheduled time, and I felt good about myself for that! *pats myself on the back* At exactly 1230, the lady my sister and I talked to last week picked me up from the reception area and led me to her office again to discuss the financial aspect of the dental treatment. After that, she made me wait at the lobby for the person who would install my braces. I think I waited for about 30 minutes tops before a tall lady popped out of the door where I came from before and called my name. I then hurriedly tried to stand up, and in my haste some of the contents of my clutch purse fell off onto my pants before I even got to rise! 😱 Apparently, I had forgotten to zip my purse after taking out my phone. Silly me. Thankfully–and to my embarrassment–the lady was kind enough to help me and pick up the toonie that escaped from my purse and rolled down the couch onto the floor beside my feet. I know, right? 🙈 After that little kerfuffle, she guided me to the spacious, open room beyond the other lady’s office which housed quite a number of dental engines where other patients were currently being treated. Then she made me sit on the dental chair second to the last on the right row as she pulled up my information on the computer.

As I was lying on the chair, mouth forced open, saliva sucked continually by the dental suction, I promised myself that if ever I have children in the future, I will make sure I will be hands on in taking good care of their oral health, so that they will never have to need braces. But don’t get me wrong. I think braces are awesome as they make people have better teeth and smile. It’s just the agony of having all the equipment in your mouth for about an hour to keep it open and ready for the procedure, plus, of course, the almost two years of all the extra measures you need to follow religiously to keep your braced teeth and mouth healthy, that made me not like having teeth braces.

Anyway, the practitioner who worked on my teeth was a pretty, 22-year old woman who told me she also had braces when she was 17 years old. She was very careful and pleasant all throughout the process, which was very comforting to me.

After the individual braces were glued to my teeth, I checked them in my compact mirror, and I was a bit taken aback as I thought I looked like I was from a Saw movie! Ha ha! I told the professional lady about this, and she chuckled, assuring me that it would look better once she’d installed the wires. And she was right. It did look better and less weird with the wires on them. However, that was the time I started feeling the pressure in my mouth which made me uncomfortable and uneasy. She empathised with me, though, telling me that I would get used to the feeling soon; I just had to practice speaking and eating tonight to get started.

After everything was set, she led me to a counter with a sink and a huge mirror to educate me on the foods to avoid during the treatment and to demonstrate how to take extra care of my precious, newly be-metalled teeth moving forward. She also reminded me to come back every eight to ten weeks for my regular appointments to track the progress of the treatment. Then we said goodbyes and off I went.

As I left the clinic and walked toward the transit centre directly in front of that complex, I took a picture of myself and sent it to my beloved sister who made it possible for me to have braces. 💕 However, she criticised the picure I sent! 😂  She called me as I got on the bus to check if I could speak normally. I kind of talked funny, though. Ha ha! We chatted more about my braces for a bit–I told her about my vow regarding my future children’s oral health–before we ended the call.

As I continued to journey home, I was already looking forward to the day the braces would be removed. Ha ha! I was and am still dreading the painstaking efforts I will make to take care of my braced teeth–of which I already had a taste after I got home and ate a late lunch. But I know “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Philippians 4:13, King James Version Bible) and that everything will be worth it once I see a much better smile on my face in the mirror. 😊

+The Yellow Ninja+


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