A drive around the city

Last Saturday, I was so bored since I had nothing else to do. I no longer had to review for IELTS as I’d already written the exam that morning till after 1 p.m. I texted my British buddy about my boredom, and so he invited me for a drive around Edmonton after he finished his dinner. He picked me up about 45-50 minutes after his text, and off we went.

The drive was a hilarious one for me as my buddy kept dropping the f-bombs and hurling the finger at almost anything we encountered on the road. He admitted before during one of our walks that he cussed a lot because that’s how he was raised. I’d told him I understood that. And so during our drive he dropped a lot of cusses because of the way a pedestrian was walking, because of a car in front of us which seemed like it’s lost, because of the Stop signs on the road, and a lot of other trivial things, which made me laugh the entire time we were driving.

We cruised aimlessly for the first hour. We went west toward the mall, then south then east toward downtown. During our cruise we just talked about our day and random things, but mostly what we did was bicker and trying to one-up each other as we always did.

After the first hour I told my friend to take us to the Government House Park. We were downtown at the time, so he drove along River Valley Road to get to the park. By the time we were reaching the fork near the place, he asked me which road to take: South Groat Road or North Groat Road. I told him to choose the latter, and so he turned right. A few seconds after, I realized that I was wrong; we should have taken the South Groat Road! We drove past the entrance to the park that he kept murmuring and telling me I didn’t know how to get to the park! Ha ha! I told him to make a U-turn, so we could go back to Groat Road and head straight to the park. But he didn’t trust me anymore! Ha ha! He just continued to drive, went straight  back to the city centre and drove along various roads to get back to the River Valley Road. I told him I knew how to get to the park coming from the north since that’s how we usually went there, but he refused to listen and just followed his own instincts. When we finally got to the fork near the park again, he turned left and drove along South Groat Road. We thought we’d get to the park that time, but he missed the right turn he needed to take! We then just went with the flow and drove straight until he could see a legal place to do a U-turn. And finally, after several tries, we got to the park.

My friend followed the vehicle track and drove around the park before finally pulling over along the track. We were just alone in that area, and so I thought he parked at the wrong spot. I then told him to go the parking space of the park which was just a few meters from where we are. He gave me that look and started murmuring, “Everything I do is wrong,” while shaking his head and driving. Ha ha! I told him it’s best to park at the designated area.

We finally pulled over and parked beside the rest of the cars. He didn’t want us to get off the car since it was already dark (around past 10 p.m.) and we wouldn’t see anything worth seeing at the time. We then just stayed inside the vehicle, rested and talked. We were there for about thirty minutes, talking about our families, Edmonton, etc. After a while, he told me he’d drive me home since it’s already almost quarter to 11 p.m. I told him to drive another round before he brought me home, and he obliged. We crossed the bridge across the North Saskatchewan River and drove for a few minutes on the other side of the river before heading along Groat Road and going back to my place.

When he got home, I thanked him for the ride through text, and his reply was: “No problem! Was much more entertaining you being there.” I asked if it’s even if I was bad with directions, and he said even so. Ha ha! He said, though, that he was a little tired, but “it was good chilling, beats being stuck at home” and I agreed. He complained about his legs aching, and so I advised him to fill a bottle with hot water and roll it repeatedly over his legs to serve both as a hot compress and a massage. He was amazed by my suggestion that he followed it that night before going to sleep despite his previous statement that he would just do it tomorrow. And he said he felt better after doing what I shared to him.

To end this, I must admit that this actually was my first drive around the city with a friend, and I could say that it was really enjoyable. It was full of laugh, bickering, one-upping, mild insults, and epic fails, but it was definitely one for the books. 🙂




*I want to add: The next night, Sunday night, my friend and I watched Game of Thrones together as earlier agreed, and that’s when we found out that there was an Aurora Borealis yesternight when we drove around the city! He was particularly bummed that we didn’t get to see the Northern Lights when we were out there roaming around. It was a shame, indeed, but I hope to see them next time.





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