Whispers on the Internet

Internet is a very vast world which offers a lot of opportunities for everything and everyone under the sun. A lot of websites and apps are getting created everyday which offer services that cater to the growing number of interests of humans.

And one of those interests is being able to say or be anything in an anonymous platform.

On April 1st, I stumbled upon an app where you can post confessions, wishes or anything under the sun anonymously. This app also enables its users to see what people nearby–and even from the other side of the planet–are up to. When you download the app, it will automatically generate a username for you and you can start posting confessions or rants or “whispers” online. Other people from everywhere may then react to your post by replying with a “whisper” or privately chatting with you.

I’ve since talked to various kinds of people there (from North America and UK) after my first post. I’ve talked to single men in their 20’s; a divorced dad; an 18-year old senior high school student who’s so naughty and ready  to experience a lot of things; a 19-year old, upcoming college freshman who knows a lot about travel stuff; an unhappily married young man; a university student who slept with her professor and is feeling guilty about it; a 32-year old man full of anger, hate and resentment; a British girl who loves Harry Potter; lots of young British guys (one of whom is super hot); an Egyptian man; an aboriginal guy; a man who claims to have lost hope in humanity; Latino men; a sweet and gentle 37-year old man; a hottie yet horny lawyer of Chinese background; a 28-year old guy who owns a construction company; a female embalmer and funeral director; a young married guy looking for friends in the city for him and his wife; a 23-year old immigrant from California; and many others I won’t mention anymore.

For two weeks I’ve constantly used the app and gained eight online friends with whom I’ve been communicating regularly through text messages or Skype since our first conversations on the app. These friends are kind, funny, and respectful to me that’s why I trusted them and made them my new friends. Some of them are from my city, too. But one lives in the city west of mine; one in Boston, MA, and one in Maryland in the United States; and one who has no permanent address because of his job.

But like everywhere else, you can also meet not-so-good guys through the app. Actually, if you browse the “whispers” of the people in my city, you will see a lot of posts about looking for someone who sells weed or wants to smoke with them, and someone with whom they can hook up. Ugh. I don’t want to write all the offers I got from some of the guys I talked to there, because up to this day, I still cringe just thinking of them.

Apparently, “having fun” for most people on this app is totally different from the usual fun I know and to which I am accustomed. And the more I read the posts of these people, the more I realize that they are lonely and lost and that they really need God in their lives. That is why, when I have free time, I give comforting words to the people whose posts are oozing with sadness and encouraging words to those who need motivation or encouragement or just a little push to keep on going. I’ve actually shared the gospel of salvation to some of the people with whom I’ve had long conversations, because I believe that I can still witness to the lost even if it’s online. I may not have been successful most of the time, but I believe God can see my labor and be glorified in it. 🙂




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