All Because of “Game of Thrones”

Because of the wonderful world of “the seven kingdoms,” I have recently gained a friend from that app I talked about on my last post. This new friend of mine is a British national who has just arrived in this country last month. We connected online last week because of my post on the app where I jokingly wished for anyone to adopt me on the 24th of this month so I could watch Game of Thrones. Actually, I’d been looking for someone who lived nearby that watched the show, so I could watch it with them (Yes, I was that desperate to watch the show for free! Ha ha! It’s because we only have The Filipino Channel online at home and my uncle and aunt who live next door didn’t have the HBO channel at the time). This British guy replied to my post asking me if there was an agency for adoption so he could be adopted as well. He said that he didn’t think about how he could watch Game of Thrones when he decided to move here. We replied to each other’s posts a couple of times before we continued our conversation on the private chat feature of the app. Before the night ended, we exchanged numbers and started texting the next day.

Since there was only a week left before the premiere of season 6 of GoT and I didn’t find anyone who would adopt me (I did find someone who lives nearby that watches the show, but he doesn’t have HBO! Bugger!), I finally decided to just get my own cable subscription. I first contacted Telus which is my internet service provider. I agreed to the pricing and was about to seal the deal when the representative suddenly dropped a bomb on me: he forgot to mention that there was a $100 installation fee since I was only going to subscribe for three months (the length of the show)! I then cancelled the order and told this to my new friend to whom I had been talking before I called Telus. I got frustrated that my cable subscription was already within reach yet didn’t work out the way I wanted it. I decided to call Shaw, the cable service provider of my uncle, to inquire on their pricing. The lady who answered my call provided the information I needed but suggested that I should just ask my uncle to add the HBO channel to their subscription which would only cost them an additional $18 to their bill! This would be much cheaper compared to the total price of having a new cable subscription which I would only need for GoT. I thanked the lady before ending the call and went to my uncle’s place to ask them to have the HBO channel added to their subscription whose additional cost I would just shoulder. They agreed and so eight days before the 24th, I finally had access to HBO! I informed my friend about it and invited him to watch it with us, so he didn’t have to watch it online which I initially suggested (because that was what I was planning to do myself before). He gladly accepted my invitation, and so I told him that we should meet up first before the 24th so at least I would know how he looked like. He agreed and we set to meet up yesterday after my business at a university.

Our first personal encounter was full of laughter. When we finally met at the LRT station a few minutes before 3 PM, we immediately started chatting like we’re old friends. There was no awkwardness between us which I think was because we’d already been talking for days through text. We walked a few meters to the bus stop where we could ride the bus to the mall as originally planned. The ride took about 20 to 30 minutes that we’d talked about a lot of things already. It was never awkward. He was just like my best buddies at home, and that made me glad. When we got to the mall, we argued about which way to go to to get to the food court. I wanted to check the directory, but he said we should just keep walking, because if we do so, “we’d eventually get somewhere.” I told him that if we could just check the directory, we wouldn’t have to waste time and energy. But I let him lead the way to prove him wrong–which was proven because we had to go back to where we started and walked on to the other side of the mall. It was a funny exchange. After a few minutes, we finally arrived at the food court and ate our lunch which made us really full. Afterwards, we decided to go to the Legislature Building where he regularly walked and on which I’d never set foot despite my a-year-and-a-half stay here in Edmonton. We needed to ride bus #100 to get there according to Google Maps, and when we got to the bus terminal beside the mall, we immediately saw bus #100 loading passengers, so we boarded it right away.

While on the bus, he and I never ran out of things to talk about, which was both cool and weird. I think we really clicked. We talked more about his life back in England, what he did during his first two weeks in Canada, our favourite movies, the scenery, the things we want to do in life, the countries we want to visit, and many others which I already forgot. We were so engrossed in chatting, laughing and one-upping each other that time that I only realized that we rode the wrong bus a few minutes before its last stop! When the driver stopped the bus to load passengers before heading back to the mall, I had my friend tell the driver that we rode the wrong bus #100; we were supposed to ride the eastward bus, not the westward one. I laughingly apologised for my mistake, but he just shrugged it off, smiling, and said it was fine. I realized again that he was certainly a very spontaneous and carefree guy; he didn’t mind getting lost or trying to find a place without asking–as long as he had someone with whom to get lost “or otherwise it would be boring.” After about 45 minutes of bus ride, we finally reached the nearest bus stop to the Legislature building.

Before we got to our final destination, we first bought water–well, he did for both of us–since our water bottles were almost empty. It’s to prepare for our long walk around the city hall. But we only walked for about 20 to 30 minutes before we decided to sit on a bench and rest. We continued talking as we sat there, taking in the surroundings. He mostly talked this time. He shared how he got into MI5, UK’s Security Service, and what he did there during his short stay. He was an entertaining storyteller. After about an hour of sitting while talking, we decided to walk again. It was already half past seven when we decided to head back to the nearest LRT station to go home. We parted ways at the station a few minutes before 8 PM.

It’s funny that all the time since the moment we met yesterday, we kept laughing at each other’s antics. I never knew that I would get the dry and sarcastic humour of the Brits, but I did, and he was amazed by that–well, I as well. I didn’t think that he would also get the Filipino humour, but he did, which was really cool as I never thought I would get along really well with someone like him, an English guy, not to mention gain a new buddy. 🙂

And this is all because of Game of Thrones. (And the Whisper app, too!)

Now I can’t wait to watch the show. Five more days to go! ❤



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