Whenever I visit the Victoria’s Secret/Pink shop, it’s always because my older sister needs to buy something from there and I’m just accompanying her. I’ve never purchased any underwear from this famous lingerie shop. In fact, the only thing I ever bought there was a two-piece clutch for my sister.

Until today.

Two visits ago with my mom and older sister, my sister spent about $200 worth of underwear for her and our mom, so she was given a $30 coupon which she eventually gave to me. It was valid for a month so I postponed going to this store until today, the day after the last day it was valid which I only learned when I was already inside the shop. I went to the mall with my dad as he’d picked me up from work before heading there, and I didn’t want to think that we wasted gas and energy for nothing, so I resolved to just buy a pair of underwear without the coupon (my dad and I separated ways once inside the mall; he went to other shops while I headed to VS). Nevertheless, I still showed my coupon to an attendant there, and fortunately, she said that it was still valid. I was glad so I went and had my cup size measured by a “bra specialist” and began shopping.

Not long afterward, this bra specialist approached me again and asked what kind of brassiere I was looking for. She checked the piece of paper she gave me before to see what type of bra the lady at the fitting room recommended for me. Then she asked me if I liked sexy bras, too, aside from what I was recommended. I told her, “No, not too sexy.” She giggled at my answer, patted my shoulder and said, “Not too sexy? You’re so cute. Sexy means push-up bras,” and she continued smiling at me. Well, this was my first time shopping for underwear here, so of course, I wouldn’t know that. 🙈 She then directed me to an area where I could find the perfect bras for me.

I was already holding two matching pairs of underwear when a male staff (cringe!) suddenly approached me and informed me of their sale promo today: “Buy two bras, get three panties free.” I was taken aback and embarrassed that he caught me in that situation. Hello, that’s a guy! And I, a conservative woman, was holding some underwear in front of him. That was really embarrassing. To make matters worse, he touched the pieces to check if I already had three panties, and when he found out that I only had two, he urged me to choose a third one. Oh the stress it gave me! He looked like someone with authority there as he was dressed semi-formally (unlike the other female staff members who had approached me before), so I did not voice out my discomfort; he was just doing his job after all, and I was just too conservative for this.

Anyway, after getting another piece of legless underpants for women, I headed to the adjoined Pink store and looked for another brassiere. There I was advised by a female staff (thankfully) that if I bought two brassieres from certain areas, I’d get them for only $49.50 instead of $65. I decided to avail the promo and chose two colors I liked before looking for their matching panties. It was hard to find a color match for one of the bras I had so I resorted to look for one that had a closer shade. That’s when my dad called to say that he was ready to go home and would go to the shop. I told him to not go inside as it was full of women’s underwear and it would be embarrassing and uncomfortable for both of us. He assured me that he would just sit by the bench outside the store and wait for me there.

When I finally found a match for one of my brassieres, I walked to the counter to pay for the items, but voila, I was informed by the cashier that one of the brassieres I chose did not meet the ceiling to get the three panties for free. She suggested looking for another one that was over $10 more expensive like the other bra I’d chosen. I wanted to tell her that the male staff did not inform me about the bras having to cost a certain amount to avail the promo, but I just told her that I liked that bra she was holding and that I didn’t care paying for the panties. She then asked me to get another one as they had another promo: “Buy five panties for $30.” This would save me $20 so I then quickly looked for one more piece and returned to her. She then apprised me that my coupon was not valid anymore. This time, I didn’t just let it slide. I told her that I was informed by the first female staff I spoke to today (I mentioned her name) that they could still honor the coupon. The cashier told me there was nothing she could do, but I did not relent. I insisted that I was informed wrongly so they must do something about it. Thankfully, the male staff who approached me earlier and appeared to be the manager, came to the counter and told the cashier to give me the $30 discount. The cashier reluctantly obliged while frowning the whole time. Tsk tsk. Poor customer service. I decided against asking her why the heck she was frowning at me and reporting her to the manager (who was already talking to another cashier), because I was already tired. I just proceeded with paying the bill (which amounted to $138.02!) so I could finally go back to my waiting dad outside the store and go home.

This experience I had with Victoria’s Secret makes me want to not go back to that store again. Although their underwear are really comfortable and a perfect fit for me, their customer service is poor. They must be specific when offering promos, so that the customers will not be surprised at the counter. Otherwise, they will leave a bad impression to people especially first timers like me.

However, since I already know my size, I might change my mind in the future. After all, I can just go inside the shop, look for underwear in my size, head straight to the counter, then leave immediately, right? I don’t have to talk to any staff member at all. 😉


+The Yellow Ninja+


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