10 ways to write that story

Thoughts to keep you up at night

The past weeks have been stressful because of all the papers I have to write and the deadlines I have to meet. Being a student sucks… well, only kinda. So now that I found a bit of time to continue blogging, I’d write a post about the 2nd thing on my list. Though I prefer to write a review about the movies I’ve been watching (Olympus Has Fallen captured my heart big time!), I’ll save that for another time.

Now, I am tasked to write a comprehensive tutorial about something. I consider myself as Jack of all trade, master of none. I really don’t excel at many things but I’d like to believe that I do excel at writing (I hope so!) so I’d do a tutorial about how to write a kick-ass story.

I’m writing in this platform called Wattpad and so far, it’s been sooo good to me…

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