Hello everybody!

For years I’ve been wanting to have my own blog site to sharpen my writing skills, and finally, I have decided to create one here on WordPress. The last time I used to regularly write was back in high school for our school publication, and that was almost a decade ago so I really need to brush up on my skills. I am into freelance editing now since 2013 mostly for fiction and non-fiction books being published by a publishing house in the Philippines and for Wattpad stories self-published by some famous authors I know and am friends with. This made me remember my love for writing which eventually contributed to my past decision to apply to the Bachelor of Communication Studies program at a university here in Edmonton. I then enrolled in a three-month English 30-1 course to be admissible to universities in this country. At first, I was really doubting myself if I could still write since this course (which unfortunately the Philippines’ high school curriculum didn’t have back in my day) is all about different forms of literature, critical reading, and writing, writing and writing. However, when I got my mark on my first essay about an old film, my spirits were lifted! I realized, “I didn’t lose my knack for writing, thank God!” And when I got my final grade for this course, I was really praising and thanking God for days because I couldn’t believe I could pull this off.

However, even though I eventually got accepted to the BCS program recently (praise God for that!) at the same university where I completed English 30-1, I decided not to pursue it. Getting an offer to this program made me finally realize that I just want to continue writing whatever I want, without restrictions as opposed to what will happen if I pursue a career in communication in this country. Now, my application to the Bachelor of Arts in Economics as a stepping stone to the Commerce program at the top fourth university in this country is still being processed, and even though it will take a much harder, longer, and riskier shot to get into this university, I will still pursue it. After all, what is life without risks and hardships?

Ergo, this blog site will be for my passion for writing while I pursue my career in business which I also like. This will serve as my online diary, my outlet for my opinionated mind, and my platform for everything else. I will soon post a blog about the list of things I wish to write on this site. I am absolutely certain I will love writing here, and I hope everyone who stumbles here will love my posts, too.

God bless you all!


+The Yellow Ninja+


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