For the love of a better smile

Today I had a doctor’s appointment that lasted for about two and a half hours. And guess what it’s for? Dental braces installation. Ugh. I arrived 15 minutes earlier than my scheduled time, and I felt good about myself for that! *pats myself on the back* At exactly 1230, the lady my sister and I […]

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A drive around the city

Last Saturday, I was so bored since I had nothing else to do. I no longer had to review for IELTS as I’d already written the exam that morning till after 1 p.m. I texted my British buddy about my boredom, and so he invited me for a drive around Edmonton after he finished his dinner. […]

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Whispers on the Internet

Internet is a very vast world which offers a lot of opportunities for everything and everyone under the sun. A lot of websites and apps are getting created everyday which offer services that cater to the growing number of interests of humans. And one of those interests is being able to say or be anything in an anonymous […]

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Whenever I visit the Victoria’s Secret/Pink shop, it’s always because my older sister needs to buy something from there and I’m just accompanying her. I’ve never purchased any underwear from this famous lingerie shop. In fact, the only thing I ever bought there was a two-piece clutch for my sister. Until today. Two visits ago with my mom and […]

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