Love is a many-splendoured thing

Love is a many-splendoured thing. It is magnificent, glorious, and beautiful, and it takes many forms. As the universal language of the world, it is one of the most common themes of literature, be it drama, poetry, or prose. In this essay, we will compare the various interpretations of love in Hamlet (play), The Cinnamon […]

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Although William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a revenge play, it also tackles two of the four kinds of love: passionate love or “Eros,” and love between friends or “Phileo.” Ironically, the ideal representation of love in Hamlet is not the two examples of romantic love in it—Claudius and Gertrude’s, and Hamlet and Ophelia’s—but the love between […]

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Goodbye. Hello.

Right at the beginning I knew that you’re already taken, and I didn’t think much about it then since I only befriended you because you were new in the city. I know how it feels to be in a place where you have no immediate family, and it can be tough. We clicked together right at […]

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For the love of a better smile

Today I had a doctor’s appointment that lasted for about two and a half hours. And guess what it’s for? Dental braces installation. Ugh. I arrived 15 minutes earlier than my scheduled time, and I felt good about myself for that! *pats myself on the back* At exactly 1230, the lady my sister and I […]

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A drive around the city

Last Saturday, I was so bored since I had nothing else to do. I no longer had to review for IELTS as I’d already written the exam that morning till after 1 p.m. I texted my British buddy about my boredom, and so he invited me for a drive around Edmonton after he finished his dinner. […]

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